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Single Frau rosezz (24) - syudent aus hamburg sucht rosezz

Vorname: rosezz
Alter: 24
Geschlecht: w
Beruf: syudent
Wohnort: hamburg (Wien)
Sternzeichen: rosezz
sucht: rosezz
Aussehen: 176 gross, 41 Kilo schwer, black Augen, black Haare
Charaktereigenschaften: other
Lieblingssport: cooking
Raucher: black
So beschreibe ich mich: I am searching not for someone meeting a set of my wants and desires and criteria as all of us have filled out here but more a person who I will make my goal in life to please, to love, to make her feel special, to adore, admire and dream of her even though she will be mine. I am seeking my soulmate who I can smell out in bed, who I can relate to in thought and who I will embed in my heart. I am looking for the one who has been my destiny but not arrived yet .. am in search for the person who will love me falling in love with him.. I want someone I can hold dear and near and devote myself to in thought, in deed, in talk, in fun, support, commit to and someone who can take me and make me go beyond the dilemma of why we keep running after jobs, money and material things when the real ecstacy and paradise is in the arms of your love.. When he kisses me my eyes close automatically.when touches me I get goose pimples, when he looks at me my heart melts and mind races... basically simply I am looking for the one after who will come none ;). I have tried desperately but am not able to come up with a set of requirements or charateristics that I am looking for in my partner. So the only option I found left is to describe myself which is all on my profile.. I guess at present I am looking for a person who finds me

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